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The Bosluis Basters

The Basters were a group of people descended from the Khoi-Khoi and Cape Dutch farmers and were partly assimilated by either group, but generally kept to themselves and intermarried. These people were prohibited from worship in churches at the start of the 1900s, but the good Reverend Eksteen changed all that, set up a church in the 1940s, and the group eventually settled peaceably in the Richtersveld towns of Lekkersing and Eksteenfontein. They became known as the Bosluis Basters, not after the rusty coloured desert insects, but because the majority came from a farm called Bo-Sluis.

The history of the Bosluis Basters’ difficult trek and of the hardships, adventures, and tales can be heard in Eksteenfontein, where they eventually overcame the oppression they suffered, and settled peacefully with the local Nama people.