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How to get here

From Cape Town you travel 605 km north on a good tar road (N7) past Springbok to Steinkopf. You then turn left towards Port Nolloth on the R382 and 35 km further will find the turnoff to the right to Eksteenfontein. The next 50 km is dirt road that can be travelled with a normal sedan car.

From Johannesburg you can fly or drive up to Upington and then drive the good tar road (N14) through Bushmanland to Springbok, before turning north to Steinkopf and Eksteenfontein. If you are travelling from Namibia you turn off to the right just after crossing the border at Vioolsdrift and drive on a rough dirt road through the Helskloof Pass and on to Eksteenfontein for about 2 hours. This road is not suitable for sedan cars.

The regional map linked at the top of this page gives a good overview. There is also a quick preview in the gallery on right.

Towns in the region

There are 6 towns or major settlements within the Richtersveld: Eksteenfontein, Lekkersing, Sanddrift, Khuboes, Port Nollo th and Alexander Bay. Both Khuboes and Eksteenfontein border on the core zone of the World Heritage Site.

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Roads and tracks in the Heritage Site


The WHS have recently upgraded a number of roads - we're still busy updating maps. You can download the most recent version we have in PDF format. Since roads are also frequently affected by flash floods, it is always a good idea to contact the WHS for an updated map and the latest information on roads.

North-South Road (80.6km)

Running from Eksteenfontein, at the southern end of the conservancy (core area of the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape WHS), to the Rosyntjieberge on the North Eastern boundary. The road includes the Fluorspar Circle route as well as roads leading to Stinkfontein and Matjieskloof camp sites. The route includes both 2x4 and 4x4 sections. It provides 2x4 access to the proposed Basterfontein overnight hut as well as to Fluorspar Valley (via the southern branch of the Fluorspar circle route) The remainder of the route is accessible to bakkies / 4x4's only.

Rooiberg Circle Route (33.5km)

This road connects Eksteenfontein via a section of the North-South Road to Rooiberg Guesthouse and to the Kanikaip Road which runs down to the Orange River. This road as well as an access road to the proposed Namastad is upgraded to allow for 2x4 access.

Kanikaip Road (21km)

Runs from the Rooiberg circle route down to Kanikaip camping area on the Orange River. This road is upgraded to allow for better 4x4 and bakkie access to the rivier. Kanikaip of Xaminxaip as it is written in Nama - Xami means "water" nXaip means "loose sand"

Kuboes-Glybank Road (5km)

The stretch of road running south-eastwards from Kuboes to Glybank camp site. This road is upgraded to allow 2x4 access to the camp site.

Farmershoek Road (20km)

Runs northwards from the Eksteenfontein - Kuboes main road through the Stinkfontein mountains to Kookwater. This road is upgraded to allow for bakkie access.

Tierhoek Circle Route (37km)

Running from the Main road between Lekkersing and Kuboes via Tierhoek camp site, Perdewater, and back down to the Eksteenfontein-Kuboes main road. The section of road running to Tierhoek campsite is upgraded to allow for easy 2x4 access to Tierhoek, while the remainder of the road is repaired to allow for access to bakkies.

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Information Offices:
Tel Khuboes: 027 8312013
Tel Eksteenfontein: 027 8517108